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The B-17G Flying Fortress / Tail Markings
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463rd Historical Society
P.O. Box 11045
Santa Ana, Ca. 92711

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Throughout the war, each Bomb Group was denoted by the distinctive Group markings on the vertical stabilizers of their aircraft.The 463rd was no exception. Its aircraft featured a black "Y" against a white pie shaped background. In late 1944, the Group added yellow paint to both the rudder and elevators of its Fortresses.

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B-17G "Pig Chaser" of the 772nd BS / 463rd BG

"Pig Chaser" is an example of the early 463rd livery without the yellow rudder.

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B-17G "Leading Lady" of the 772nd BS / 463rd BG

"Leading Lady" is an example of the complete 463rd livery.

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B-17G "Betty Lou" of the 773rd BS / 463rd BG

In the later months of the war, the 463rd had discontinued the use of the
"Y" marking and used only the yellow control surfaces to denote the Group.