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463rd Bombardment Group / KIA and MIA
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A Tribute to Those Who Paid the Price of Freedom

Accetta to Balestri Piper to Rodda  
Barber to Bogard Roggenbuck to Sell  
Bongers to Carroll Shallenberger to Sorenson  
Cash to Cullen Spencer to Swedberg  
Cunningham to Dickison Swerko to Tuzin  
Diggins to Favor Upchurch to Wheeler  
Fisher to Gilhooley Whitaker to Wray  
Ginsberg to Hastings Wyckoff to Zuger  
Hatch to Johnson (Donald)    
Johnson (Joseph) to Kimble    
King to Leffler    
Leone to McCartney    
McCleary to Munoz    
Muro to Olfenius    
Olivero to Pierce    


463rd Historical Society
P.O. Box 11045
Santa Ana, Ca. 92711