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463rd Historical Bombardment Group 2016 Reunion
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2016 Omaha Reunion - October 12th to the 16th

We had a wonderful time in Omaha. We visited Offut AFB and had a memorable lunch and tour of the base. We also visited the Omaha Zoo and the world famous Boys Town. Below you find photos and links to more photos.

 The Men of the Fighting 463rd: Left to Right: Paul Mitchell, 775th; Bill Snyder, 774th; Bill Roberts, 774th; Bill Rochelle, 774th; Harvey Pearson, 775th; Garrett "Jep" Williamson, 774th.

The Women of the 463rd: Left to Right: Mary Nell Clemens, widow of Bob Clemens, 773rd; Cookie Roberts, wife of Bill Roberts, 774th; Liz Mitchell, wife of Paul Mitchell, 775th; Betty O'Driscoll, widow of Paul O'Driscoll, 774th

The Fighting "Kids" of the 463rd . . . . Uh, we mean  . . . .The "Kids" of the Fighting 463rd


For More Photos please click on the links below:

2016 Banquet Photos

2016 Tour and Misc Photos

We wish to thank Meg Christenson, daughter of Ray Swanson, 775th, for these wonderful photos. More photos will be posted at a later date.

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